A downloadable magmachine for Windows

I’ve added a Windows build that is playable but there are still some bugs. This is my submission . Use ALT + F4 to quit.


  • Press SPACE to start
  • Press ALT F4 to quit
  • Press left and right to move across the map
  • You can see the enemy in the scanner at the top as red blips
  • You can see pickups as white blips
  • You first need to get gun parts to build a gun
  • You can collect shield, gun, power, missile (bugged) and segments (bugged) (larger ship) to keep running
  • Run out of power (the gauge above your head) and you lose
  • Kill the big boss to win
  • Protect your bases from enemy attack

Install instructions

Unzip and play Windows only for now.


MagMachineRC1_LD39_Win.zip 16 MB

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