A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As the monster you own the house ( think Dungeon Keeper ). At first a lone kid enters looking for the treasure. Using pathfinding the kid will move through the house to collect the treasure then escape. If any loot is taken the level is lost. You have a range of ways to stop this from happening. Scaring, traps, blocks (to delay - lock the door), divert (open a door and offer something better than the treasure to lure them) and attacks. You are corporeal (ghost) for most of the time and move things around, but you can manifest in physical form to do physical attacks only when you have sapped enough fear from the kid. Rinse and repeat for each new level, but the difficultly is introduced by adding more kids at the same time, more treasure to lose (any 1 loss of treasure is a fail) and any kids who survived a previous level gets a +1 against fear next time, making them harder to scare.

Install instructions

Download and unzip to run.

Works on Windows and Mac only.

Use arrow keys or WASD to move camera around.

Click on Scare Button to scare the kids (a scary spider appears) - they give you scare points to become a solid monster.

Click on Materialise to go to FPS view as the monster. When in the mode use mouse to look, WASD or Arrow keys to move (typical FPS controls). Left click to growl if you don't have enough scare points or Left Click to slash when you solidify (by gaining scare points from scaring kids)

Stop the kids leaving with your treasure.

(Some features not in yet - doors / more decorations / blocks / other scares)


Mac Version (RC2) 32 MB
PC Version (RC2) 29 MB


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Updated PC zip because it was missing Data folder by mistake.

Ive fixed some bugs before the end so download again if you got the first version

Erm... blocks and doors not in this build. Will attempt to add more before the time is up. Have fun!